psychological safety

Psychological Safety

As a leader, it is your job to promote an environment in which your team has the ability to function in this way: psychologically safe.

receive feedback

Receiving Feedback

What is your response when someone tells you you could have done something better?

research for interview


It is important to research not only the potential position but the leadership and the company culture as well.



A resume that differentiates you from other candidates is essential.

situational leadership

Situational Leadership

Maintaining a psychologically safe atmosphere that encourages team members to ask questions or for clarification at any point is key.

forming stage

Stage 1: Forming

In the forming stage, the team is coming together and becoming familiar with the way each member of the team works.

Storming Stage

Stage 2: Storming

In the storming stage, team members seek to prove their worth, or value, to the team.


Stage 3: Norming

As a team committed to a problem-solving mentality begins to work together compatibly, it moves from the storming stage into the norming stage.

performing stage

Stage 4: Performing

When a team reaches the performing stage, they still need an invested leader.


Talent Mining

Talent-mining is the process of analyzing the interests, skills, and aptitudes of an individual in order to discover patterns and other information.

the interview

The Interview

The actual interview is, of course, the most important step in this process.