meaning of leadership

The Meaning of Leadership

Effective leaders cultivate trust, accountability, communication, and loyalty to build psychologically safe atmospheres for their teams.

the ooda loop

The OODA Loop: A Proven Decision-Making Strategy

The OODA Loop focuses on filtering available information and data, putting it into context, and making appropriate decisions, all while acknowledging decisions are dynamic and may need adjusting as additional data impacts the situation.

truth about conflict

The Truth About Conflict

Conflict is costly if not handled effectively. It has the ability to wreak havoc on those personally involved, on entire organizations, and even on the clients those organizations serve.


Value of Accountability

Accountability is one of the most powerful tools for unifying teams and keeping them on track towards the intended goal.

words tone body language

Words, Tone, Body Language

We often assume the words we say are what the listener uses to glean the meaning of our message.
However, we often forget the listener uses the tone and body language to interpret meaning as well, if not more, that words themselves.

working from home 1

Working Remotely – Part 1

Working from home can be a great alternative to the office setting, as long as you have a strategy and implement a plan.

working remotely part 2

Working Remotely – Part 2

Both communication and collaboration are a top priorities for the office, and even more important when working remotely.

working from home part 3

Working Remotely – Part 3

Knowing how to use breaks productively as well as anticipate distractions will enhance your ability to work successfully from home.