Team Building


Building Team Accountability

    Building team accountability is important. Accountability is the means by which a team stays “on track” and strengthens relationships.

    team communication

    Building Team Communication

      Effective communication can be more difficult than one would assume. It has to be proactive and intentional.


      Building Team Trust

        Trust is essential for building teams who stand with each other, regardless of inconvenience or difficulty

        forming stage

        Stage 1: Forming

          In the forming stage, the team is coming together and becoming familiar with the way each member of the team works.

          Storming Stage

          Stage 2: Storming

            In the storming stage, team members seek to prove their worth, or value, to the team.


            Stage 3: Norming

              As a team committed to a problem-solving mentality begins to work together compatibly, it moves from the storming stage into the norming stage.

              performing stage

              Stage 4: Performing

                When a team reaches the performing stage, they still need an invested leader.

                art of persuasion

                Project Aristotle

                  Google’s Project Aristotle found that psychological safety is one of the leading, if not most influential, characteristics of successful teams.