Communication Skills

changing behaviors

Changing Behaviors

Adopting a new skill or habit is hard. It takes committed, deliberate intentionality, and accountability to keep you on track as you move toward your goal.

receive feedback

Receiving Feedback

What is your response when someone tells you you could have done something better?

building positive behaviors

Building Positive Behaviors

Forming habits, such as building positive behaviors, takes effort, energy, and time. Different people need different amounts of time to develop a new habit.

confidence vs arrogance

Confidence vs. Arrogance

To deliver a successful, credible message, confidence is key. The ability to communicate with confidence rather than arrogance builds credibility.

Platform of Credibility

Platform of Credibility

Credibility gives you, the speaker, an understood platform from which to communicate your ideas.

words tone body language

Words, Tone, Body Language

We often assume the words we say are what the listener uses to glean the meaning of our message.
However, we often forget the listener uses the tone and body language to interpret meaning as well, if not more, that words themselves.

art of persuasion

Art of Persuasion

The essence of communication is the art of persuading or convincing another person or group of people.